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Our URL shortening terms of service

If you have reached this page by clicking on a shortened URL then most likely the person who created it is a moron and didnt read our terms of service and their link was deleted. OR... your not a moron and you read this page before creating a link, good on ya!

URLredo.com is a free URL redirection service with very strict rules and an ironclad terms of service written by our 7 year old neighbor. Please follow the rules below or your short URL may be deleted.

#1: Do not use this nifty little website to carry on your SPAMMING ways, or in other words, do not use us to SPAM the world.

#2: See #1 above, your link will be deleted if you do it! Go ahead, we double dog dare ya!

#3: Anything illegal will be treated as such, your IP address, original web address and redone URL is recorded, we will turn it over to the authorities, even the Pope if he needs it!

#4: See #1, #2, and #3

#5: This website provides NO warranty, written or implied, we have a great uptime, but if the internet burps and your short URL is not available for some reason, too bad, we can direct you to the nearest Wal-Mart for some tissues.

#6: Do not piss us off for any reason or we will send Ceasar Milan to your house to put you in a submissive state.

#7: Our lucky number, that is all.

#8: Most links created to link to online pharmicies and gambling related sites will probably be deleted, there is enough of that crap on the internet, just something to keep in mind if your really reading this page.

Please visit our support center for answers to some common questions about this URL redirection and shortening service.

If you have any questions or would like to partner with us or exchange links, please use the contact us page


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Reasons to shorten your long URL.


• There are 365 days in a year.
• You are one cool mofo!
• Hell, why not, it is free short website redirection for Pete's sake.