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URLredo.com - the cool URL shortener

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URLredo.com is a short URL service that takes your long URL or web address, and makes it short and manageable, easier to remember and a lot better looking!

Our service is free, just enter your long URL ( Uniform Resource Locator , you know, that thing that starts with http:// ) and hit the submit button, we will generate a shortened URL that you can easily paste into your favorite forums, webpages, emails, Twitter® posts, Facebook® or MySpace® pages! Nothing can be more simple!

ALL USERS! Please read the support and terms of service pages.

SIGN UP! Users who sign up for a URLredo account get the following features...
#1 The ability to track hits to you're shortened URL.
#2 Edit your Full URL or change the vanity name of the short one!
#3 Mask your URL! When a user clicks on your short link they will not see the full URL.
#4 Deactivate your link and then turn it back on later.
#5 See, manage and delete all of your links from one account.

Use the form below to make your URL short and recognizable !

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More reasons to shorten your long URL.


• prevent breaks in your URL when you post it in emails
• easily cut and paste links on webpages
• friendly links for SMS /  text messages, blogs, emails, forums and more!
• a very easy to remember web address
• redirect any URL to any webpage, it's simply FREE URL redirection with a short domain address
• again, it is totally free, no need to steal money from your grandma!
• 100% anonymous tiny URL's, we don't sell you out !
• see other reason at the bottom of each page here at URLredo.com