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Would you like to see your website link on our freakin' awesome webpage? Well, you have come to the right place! Below are links to some of the effen greatest sites anywhere, well we say that, only because they agreed to put our link on their site. It has to do with the whole Google ® thing, and search engines, backlinks, links in, links out, stuff we done understand but should.

Anyway, enjoy, submit your link to us, we might like it enough to share it with the world, reciprocal links are preferred, just use the "contact" links to find your way to our door!

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ImgMB.com - free image hosting, it's that simple.

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Links we like:
GOOGLE.com - It's GOOGLE, duh!
ShareThePic.com - FREE Image hosting
DrudgeReport.com - Matt Drudge is cool like us.

Links we don't like:
FoxNews.com - FOX News, just don't like them, sorry!

Other URL shortening services not as cool as ours:
tinyurl.com - the biggest, the baddest, WHATEVER!
Ow.ly - we like the name of this one, cant get much shorter than that!

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• Ghosts are in your house.
• bla bla bla.